DC Deck Building Game – Updates On Rivals, Rebirth & Injustice!

August 18, 2021 by fcostin

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It seems like an age since there has been some new content for the DC Deck-Building Game, with fans eagerly awaiting new heroes, new systems and growth to see their favourite DC Heroes play out some epic battles on the tabletop.

With recent news from Cryptozoic Entertainment, it has now been confirmed that there will be no more releases in 2021, however, there are already some products confirmed for 2022 that will excite fans looking to build their decks for both Rivals and the new standalone, Injustice.

The Flash vs. Reverse-Flash Rivals // DC Deck-Building Game

The first release to be coming in 2022 is The Flash vs. Reverse-Flash Rivals deck, and this is a release that was teased earlier this year bringing speedster fans much excitement.

Flash has been provided with the opportunity to take on his rival, the Reverse-Flash in the upcoming release. Juggling not only the clash between the two foes, but Flash will also continuously have to repair the timestream while the Reverse-Flash undergoes more havoc and chaos. Attempting to manipulate the hard work that good old Barry Allen tries too hard to put in place!

Rivals - Two

Whist the fighting is underway, players also have the chance to call in some extra pair of super-fast hands! With the chance to draft in other speedsters and rogues too.

The Rivals game system utilises two-player gaming, where players get the chance to battle it out head-to-head, pitting against some incredible characters. As Flash and the Reverse-Flash prepare themselves for battle, they will be joining the likes of Batman vs The Joker and The Green Lantern and Sinestro as part of the Rivals game system.

"Each player will have their own stack of three-character cards of increasing cost with the goal of defeating all three versions of your opponent to win the game."

With disappointment that this particular rivals box will not be heading to the tabletop this year, but promises that the artwork is nearly completed, and we should be adding it to our decks in the early stages of next year.

The next release confirmed in 2022 for the DC Deck-Building Game is a stand-alone set that has been deeply inspired by the popular video game series, Injustice: Gods Among Us, welcoming Injustice onto the tabletop.

Injustice - Image one

DC Deck-Building Game: Injustice // Cryptozoic Entertainment

Providing a new mode to play which masters of other card games may find familiar. For those who have played other deck-building games from Cryptozoic Entertainment, they will recognise the all-out chaos coming to Injustice, as it is the same system used in Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON.

"Each player in this mode will have a health track and various card effects will allow you to deal damage to your foes. When a player reaches zero health, they are not eliminated from the game but will take a penalty and reset to full health. This system helps capture the video game feel of landing devastating blows on your opponent or blocking their strikes."

But do not fret, although Injustice may be standalone, it has been stated that these cards can indeed still be used in standard mode and across other expansions. Rules will be released down the line to explain how exactly to combine sets for true destruction across all modes. Promising to be coming to FLGS stores in the final half of the year.

Suicide - Image One

DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth // Cryptozoic Entertainment

For those players who were looking to the Suicide Squad addition to Rebirth as part of the confirmed expansion, sad news as this expansion has officially been canned. No longer an expansion on the horizon for DC Deck-Building Game fans, as the Suicide Squad seem to be spending some time behind bars.

These releases may not be out instantaneously and speedily - as ironic as that is given Flash is part of said release. But it is fantastic to see some brand new content coming to the game, with new characters to pit head-to-head in some superhero-y goodness. For more information on these upcoming titles, be sure to visit the announcement here.

What release are you most looking forward to for the DC Deck-Building Game?

"For those who have played other deck-building games from Cryptozoic Entertainment, they will recognise the all-out chaos coming to Injustice..."

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