Deadpool, X-Force & More Coming To Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

November 23, 2020 by brennon

Deadpool and X-Force have been sighted in the future for Atomic Mass Games' Marvel: Crisis Protocol alongside the likes of Mister Sinister, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver too.

Deadpool Trailer // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

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The new trailer above was an excellent fourth-wall-breaking way to introduce the "Merc With A Mouth" and some of his mutant buddies to the tabletop.

Deadpool - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Deadpool // Marvel Crisis: Protocol

Deadpool himself comes atop a rather eccentric base which matches his personality rather well indeed. He also comes with a number of different heads which you can switch out as you see fit. They don't appear to sit very flush in the example above but I would imagine that's because they have been swapping them in and out.

As well as Deadpool you've also got one of Marvel's most excellent badasses in the form of Cable. His sculpt in particular is very impressive!

Cable - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Cable // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

He is then joined by Domino who you can see in the background here fighting alongside Wolverine. Again, all of the miniatures we're seeing here have been made to match their comic book versions rather than the movies which I think is a great move.

Domino - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Domino // Marvel Crisis Protocol

In saying that, I did like the way the characters were portrayed in Deadpool 2 so I wouldn't have had any complaints there! Still, it makes sense that they have been designed to work with the look that has been established by the Avengers and now the X-Men.

On the other side of the mutant coin, we also have the fearsome Mr Sinister making an appearance. I remember collecting X-Men cards when I was a kid and I had some rather cool ones featuring this dude although I never really learned too much about him.

Mr Sinister - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Mr Sinister // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

You will also find Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver who we knew were coming based on some of the cards previewed by Atomic Mass Games. The miniatures, again, look excellent and give you a chance to use them as part of the Brotherhood or maybe alongside the Avengers.

Scarlet Witch - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Scarlet Witch // Marvel Crisis: Protocol

With a big fun new trailer introducing these new miniatures into the mix for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, I can see Deadpool himself being a very sought after buy for Crisis Protocol fans. I almost forget that he actually comes with a friend of his own, the Agent Of Hydra.

New Packs - Marvel Crisis Protocol

New Packs // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

The miniatures here are slated for a release next year in Q2 so they are still a way off. But, it's really good to see that Atomic Mass Games has such grand plans for the future of the game, adding in plenty of fan favourites alongside less obvious choices. I think folks are still waiting for The Fantastic Four though!

What do you make of Deadpool and pals?

"'s really good to see that Atomic Mass Games has such grand plans for the future of the game"

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