Delve Into The Lore Of Fantasy Flight’s RuneWars

February 16, 2017 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has put together a new article diving into the background and the lore of their upcoming miniatures game, RuneWars.

RuneWars Miniatures Game

"In early days, the great enemy of Terrinoth was Llovar, the Locust. The land was laid bare by Llovar’s armies, and many a great man and woman perished at their hands. But in the end, the heroes of old defeated him, and the Locust was silenced. Among those heroes were Daqan, Triamlavar, Grumson, and Waiqar, among many others.

Yet greatest among those heroes was the wizard Timmorran Lokander. It was he who slew Llovar, and it was under his stewardship that the remnant kings set out to build a new peace."

RuneWars Miniatures

The world of Terrinoth is a fascinating one and it spans plenty of games from the Fantasy Flight collection including Descent, Battlelore, the original RuneWars and Runebound.

RuneWars Art #1

As you dive deeper into the lore you're going to be finding out more about the humans of Daqan and the undead of Waiqar as well as the other races too which will hopefully be coming to the tabletop in the future.

RuneWars Art #2

The artwork for this world is particularly fascinating and it would be great to see more of these creatures come to life. Hopefully it won't be long until we see more of the crazy Dragons they have in this world hitting the tabletop!

Are you getting in on RuneWars when it releases?

"The world of Terrinoth is a fascinating one..."

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