DGS Games Preview New Freeblades Releases For Gen Con & ReaperCon

July 10, 2018 by brennon

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DGS Games has been showing off some of the new models that are going to be landing for Freeblades during Gen Con and ReaperCon this year. The first of these is the valiant Knight of Vasilar.

Knight of Vasilar #1 - Freeblades

This glorious knight fights for her Goddess, Haradel and she comes with not only options for lance and helmet, but also a sword and bare head if you prefer to change things up.

Knight of Vasilar #2 - Freeblades

I like the bare head rather than the helmet as it shows off her battle frenzied howl as she charges forth into battle to smash some poor fools under her horses' hooves.

Skittering War Spiders

As well as the knight above we also have this creeping War Spider.

War Spider - Freeblades

You can use this as one of the beasts in your hunting or nest scenarios during games of Freeblades. As a massive beast with a hungry look about it and gnashing fangs, I wouldn't want to run into this whilst wandering through the forest.

Both of these models above will be available during Gen Con.

Wandering Wizard

We also got to see a painted example of the Wandering Wizard by Micah Nichols and painted here by Aaron Newell who will be available at ReaperCon. I love myself a Wizard and this one is just...well...stunning.

Wandering Wizard - Freeblades

He has the trappings and look of Gandalf about him, the grey-cloaked wizard who harks back to the wanderings of Odin and Norse Mythology. He is then grounded into the Freeblades universe with some of his accessories like the scrolls and potions bout his belt and the pack on his back.

Wandering Wizard (Rear) - Freeblades

This model, along with a number of the different characters from the Freeblades world, would be great beyond the realm of Faelon and could be used as role-playing characters in the likes of Dungeons & Dragons and such.

What do you think of their upcoming releases?

"We also got to see a painted example of the Wandering Wizard by Micah Nichols and painted here by Aaron Newell..."

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