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DGS Games Let You Choose The Future Of Freeblades


DGS Games are leaving the decision on where they go next with Freeblades to you. They have two factions in the works with one of them being the base project for the new Kickstarter whilst the second will come as stretch goals.

A Wizard Is Wandering Into Freeblades This Fall


The world of Faelon will be getting a new wizard this fall! DGS Games is showing off their Wandering Wizard in appreciation of Freeblades growth this past year.

DGS Games Hints At Upcoming Knightly Release For Freeblades


DGS Games, creators of Freeblades, is looking to bring in the Knights.

More DGS Previews Of Upcoming Freeblades Heroes


Continuing with their look ahead to what is coming ahead for Freeblades, we got another peek at heroes that will be hitting the tabletop from DGS Games.

DGS Games Sweetens The Deal For Adepticon With Custom Bases


Bases can make all the difference in adding the perfect final touch to your mini, which is why you’ll want to have a look at the awesome custom bases you could win from DGS Games at Adepticon next month!

Cunning Leaders & Truthseekers Coming To DGS Games’ Freeblades


A couple of new miniatures popped up on the DGS Games Facebook Page over the last couple of days, giving you a look ahead to what’s coming to their world of Freeblades.

DGS Games Go Hunting In Freeblades With The Bladerider


DGS Games are going hunting for bandits and keeping the forests safe with the new Bladerider model for the world of Freeblades.

DGS Games Summon The Shadow Demons For Freeblades


DGS Games recently shared some previews of upcoming releases for Freeblades and I wanted to focus in on some of them, in particular for the Shadow Demon faction led by Azalakar here.

DGS Shows Off Gorgeous Example Of Make Your Own Model Pledge


If you’ve ever wondered how things shake out for a backer when they pledge to create their own model, wonder no more!

DGS Games Show Off New Eclipse Faction Models


DGS Games have shared two of their new miniatures for use within the world of Freeblades. Here we have two new Eclipse faction models to throw into the mix…

Rules Companion Ready & Takar Hunter On The Way For Freeblades


A new Rule Companion is on the way for Freeblades from DGS Games. This is the perfect update for your gameplay and a new mini is headed this way on October 23rd – the Takar Hunter!

DGS Games Show Off Their New Takar Hunter For Freeblades


DGS Games has previewed another of their upcoming models, the Takar Hunter, who can serve as a hired hero for all manner of warbands in the world of Freeblades.

The Weekender: Star Wars Legion Announced & Our Gen Con Experience


Welcome to the Weekender… IN AMERICA, BABY!

The Shadow Demon Leader, Azalakar Takes Shape For Freeblades


DGS Games has previewed another creature for the world of Freeblades and this time he is a rather dangerous demonic presence.

A Swordsman & Songsmith Come Together For DGS Games’ Freeblades


The releases for both July & August in Freeblades have been revealed by DGS Games and they break down into a warrior and a poet, each trying to prove that their weapon is mightier!

Go Hunting With Freeblade’s Eclipse Manhunter Preview


The folks at DGS Games have shown off another Freeblades preview for their newest faction. Here we have how the model is looking for the Eclipse Manhunter.

Eclipse Heroines Sculpted Into Life For DGS Games’ Freeblades


DGS Games has been showing off some of the Eclipse Models that have been coming to life after the success of their recent Kickstarter to bring a new faction into Freeblades

Freeblades’ Faeler Swordsman Previewed Plus Ace Dioramas


DGS Games has previewed another of their upcoming releases for the world of Freeblades with the Faeler Swordsman popping up on social media.

DGS Games Returns To Kickstarter For The Eclipse Sisterhood!


DGS Games the creators of Freeblades is bringing forth some really strong women looking to kick some serious butt.

DGS Games Preview Upcoming Freeblades Warriors


DGS Games previewed some of the newest models coming to the world of Freeblades on March 27th 2017. See what you think…

DGS Games Hint At New Sculpts Releasing This March


DGS Games has dropped pictures of two new, lovely sculpts that will be joining the ranks for Freeblades this March. Check out the Traazorite Ravager and Nightwhisper that will be available at Adepticon.