Freeblades Welcomes New Warbands & A Mighty Dragon

July 22, 2019 by brennon

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The team at DGS Games has been showing off some of the new releases coming your way in August for the world of Freeblades. Two warbands lead the way starting with the Shakrim Wavestalkers.

Shakrim Wavestalkers - DGS Games

Both of the sets that are coming in August introduce entirely new factions and flavours into the mix for Freeblades. The Shakrim Wavestalkers, for example, draw on creatures and characters from more exotic lands. I like that as well as focusing in on the classic lizardmen look we're also getting something a little more quirky too with turtle-folk in the mix!

From The Sands...

As we move from the jungle we're also getting a peek at the Kandoran Deathmasters, summoned from the desert sands in order to hunt down the living.

Kandoran Deathmasters - DGS Games

There is a definite feel of Mumm-Ra about these fellows but I like that they've done something a little different with the undead look. Instead of them just being shambling fiends they look to have a lot more personality and dynamism. This should set them apart nicely from other undead ranges out there.

A Mighty Dragon!

Last but not least, the Dragon known as Thrakansor who was funded via a Kickstarter campaign, is going to be unleashed on the world of Faelon soon.

Thrakansor The Dragon - DGS Games

This scaled beast looks as good as the artwork on which it was based and DGS Games have not disappointed. I was worried that because we hadn't seen much of the work that went into this at the beginning that we'd end up with something that didn't live up to expectations...however, I was wrong!

I am a big lover of dragons and think this would be awesome to see appearing not only in Freeblades but also other games too.

What do you make of DGS Games' upcoming releases?

"This scaled beast looks as good as the artwork on which it was based..."

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