Donna Monvoisin A Kickstarter Pre-Release Crossover From Demented Games & Wamp

September 30, 2020 by avernos

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Demented Games are coming to the end of their Monstrous Marvels Kickstarter and as they enter the last two days they have a final surprise to spring for anyone on the fence about joining in. Demented Games have teamed up with Wamp to create a character that works in both of their games, Twisted and Purgatory.

The Wicked Donna Monvoisin Concept

This wicked witch will be coming out for both games later on, no time frame yet on that I'm afraid but they handed the concept art across of this wicked witch to Lux Thantor to sculpt and he has done a remarkable job.

The Wicked Donna Monvoisin

The Wicked Donna Monvoisin // Demented Games & Wamp

As you can see they value a Lloyd shot as much as the next man and that lets us drink in all the stunning detail that they have added to this miniature. The Runes on the steampunk besom are a great touch and I love the carnival mask that hides Donna's face as she dumps whatever potion she has concocted over a child or into a village well. Regardless it's terrific work, as is the cat, with its own travelling cushion, steampunk effigy sitting bolt upright against the wind gazing on in contempt of everything that isn't it. The final thing and I'm not sure if it's intended or just their sculpting style are the repeating swirls in the smoke billowing out from the broom. They remind me of Demented Games twisted logo where the i has been replaced with a curling plume of blue smoke.. probably just me.

The Wicked Donna Monvoisin

Saving the best until last because I'm a tease like that here is a painted example of the model-makers art. I think the picture speaks for itself, if you want it early you've 38 hours left to back the kickstarter otherwise keep an eye in 2021 for this exquisite witch from Wamp and Demented Games.

I'm going to take you to the witching hour

"I think the picture speaks for itself"

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