Head Down The Rabbit Hole In New Classics Adaptation Of Fluxx

April 16, 2021 by fcostin

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It must be noted that this is a limited run of Wonderland Fluxx from Looney Labs - and is only available to pre-order up till today, to be sold in September-October this year. So if you do see it on the shelves ready to buy at your FLGS, or online at your favourite webstore, it's very unlikely you will see this version pop up again. So if you are tempted by this lunatic version of Fluxx, it'd be in your best interest to pick it up before it disappears for good.

What version of Fluxx would you like to see? With the recent release of Fantasy Fluxx, and previous releases of Zombie Fluxx and Fairy Tale Fluxx - I would love to get a Horror Fluxx showcasing all different types of petrifying but legendary monsters. 

"You will not be taking the role of Alice - you will be joining here in the worlds of Lewis Caroll but through a classic game of Fluxx. You will get to head down the rabbit hole, engage in some curious riddled conversation with the Cheshire Cat, and even Rumour has it, there is a Jabberwock at the end of the line that you will need to defeat to gain victory in this adaptation of Fluxx. "

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