Drowned Earth Begins Teasing New Characters For Their Sci-Fi World!

May 29, 2018 by brennon

We got our first look at two of the new characters coming your way for The Drowned Earth, an awesome Sci-Fi game with a very unique aesthetic. The first of these is Ando...

AAndo Preview - Drowned Earth

We've just got the concept art for these particular characters at the moment but they already begin to show off the character and charm that we've come to expect from this world. Ando seems like a darn cool hunter/explorer type, heading off to discover lost treasures in our drowned world.

Slinking Lizard

We also have this new character too, LaKassk!

LaKassk Preview - Drowned Earth

A samurai lizardman with a big energy weapon? Who wouldn't want to hang around with him! I think the character designs are looking superb and we have some great things to look out for when the game introduces these new characters in the latter half of 2018.

Watch out for more reveals in the future too!

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