Elite Age Of Sigmar Lumineth Realm-lords Arriving This Weekend

September 7, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop is dropping a bunch of new miniatures for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar and the Lumineth Realm-lords this weekend with pre-orders popping up for some more of the elite elements of their mighty force.

Vanari Dawnriders - Age Of Sigmar

Vanari Dawnriders // Age Of Sigmar

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The first of these sets is the Vanari Dawnriders who are your cavalry options for use in Age Of Sigmar. Once again, the team from Games Workshop seem to have taken some elements of the old High Elves from Warhammer Fantasy and brought it forward into the Mortal Realms. I can certainly see something of the Ellyrian Reavers and Silver Helms in their design whilst also turning the pageantry up to eleven.

Whilst the above set of miniatures is focused on lighting strikes against the enemy, the next offering provides you with a bulwark against the enemy as they charge at your lines. The Alarith Stoneguard are getting their hammers ready to do some smashing.

Alarith Stoneguard - Age Of Sigmar

Alarith Stoneguard // Age Of Sigmar

Whilst I know a lot of people aren't entirely sold on these miniatures due to those frankly ridiculous helmets (me included) I think that if you did a bit of shaving with a modelling knife, you could make these miniatures look pretty awesome. If you tweaked those helmets into classic conical fashion I think they'd look excellent.

These miniatures feel like a bit of a mix between the Swordmasters of old and the more brutish White Lions. There is certainly something more ceremonial about their outfits though as devout guardians of the mountain spirits.

Keeping up the theme of the Stoneguard we've also got the Alarith Stonemage here who is seriously embracing that moment of serene peace before destroying their foes with elemental forces.

Alarith Stonemage - Age Of Sigmar

Alarith Stonemage // Age Of Sigmar

Again, I'm not entirely sold on just how larger the horns are on this fellow but I think overall the design is pretty cool. It works well to distinguish the miniatures from the other Aelves that currently exist within the Mortal Realms at the very least. Obviously, they have been trying to embrace alternative fantastical and cultural elements from the Middle-east and of course further East too.

Spirits Of The Mountain

As well as all of these Aelven elements for your army, you will also be able to pick up some of their spirit companions. The Alarith are going to be stomping into battle with their massive hammers, ready to take on Greater Demons and massed ranks of infantry alike.

Alarith - Age Of Sigmar

Alarith // Age Of Sigmar

Sometimes, a great force of nature like this can combine to become something more than a simple Alarith. Avelenor, The Stoneheart King is one such creature who is the oldest and wisest of his kin and lends both his strength and counsel to the Lumineth.

Avelenor The Stoneheart King - Age Of Sigmar

Avelenor The Stoneheart King // Age Of Sigmar

You know what, I don't actually think these miniatures are that bad! I have actually grown to like these miniatures (or bigatures) from Games Workshop and I think they really work as a new option for the Lumineth and Teclis to fight alongside. I know a lot of people would have liked to see them embrace dragons once again but that seems to be the preserve of the Stormcast Eternals now.

I think these massive creatures are pretty awesome and I think the only thing that counts against the Lumineth is their silly hats, to be honest. With a little bit of tweaking, those miniatures would still look neat and I think the symbology would still carry through. The hammers link through to the Alarith regardless which would mean you wouldn't need their odd bull-shaped helmets.

Are you tempted to check out this new selection of Lumineth Realm-lords?

"Are you tempted to check out this new selection of Lumineth Realm-lords?"

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