Elite Specialists Join The Gangs Of Necromunda

June 15, 2019 by brennon

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Forge World has released two new specialists for you to use in your games of Necromunda. The pairing here offers up an Ammo-Jack and Dome Runner for you to use as additional support when your gangs go exploring.

Dome Runner & Ammo Jack - Forge World

An Ammo-Jack does exactly what you'd imagine. When your gang members are running out of ammo, no doubt from shooting everything they can see, you can rely on him to have just what you need in order to restock. To this end, you can fire to your heart's content...as long as you're nearby of course.

The Dome Runner works as a sort of guide for the gangs of Necromunda. They know the best routes through the Underhive and where you might be able to find the kind of junk that sells well at market too.

Dome Runner & Ammo Jack (Close) - Forge World

I love both of these models as they continue to build on the fantastic aesthetic of Necromunda. I love these bedraggled heroes and villains, making do with whatever they can find down there in the darkness. The Dome Runner, in particular, is a really great looking model, especially with her skull mask.

For anyone exploring 40K through games like Inq28 these also make for fantastic characters to drop into the mix when telling your stories too.

What do you make of this pairing?

"I love these bedraggled heroes and villains..."

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