Enhanced Infantry Comes To Warlord’s Konflikt ’47 Battlefield

September 16, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games has been showing off some enhanced individuals who have made their way into the world of Konflikt '47 from Warlord Games. The US Paragon Squad leads the way, a band of soldiers who have been tweaked and tuned to become tougher troops.

Paragon Squad - Warlord Games

Sent in by the army to deal with other superhuman threats to soldiers in the field, Captain Samuels and his crew have been assembled to head out into danger and get stuck in. Armed and armoured with the best kit that the US can offer they are a match for most of the deadly supernatural threats that the Germans can bring to bear against them.

Paragon Squad (Alt) - Warlord Games

I get a sort of Hellboy crossed with Captain America vibe from these new soldiers. You imagine they all have their own personalities and if you're looking to do something Weird World War on a smaller scale you could even throw some additional rules into the mix for each of them to make it feel a bit more individual.


As well as these superhuman additions to the US army there are also an array of creatures and such that got added into the mix for the German forces. You might have seen some of these before but they give you a cool idea of just what you can use to add that Weird twist to your German army.

Nachtjager Assault Squad - Warlord Games

One of the most terrifying sets of models is the Nachtjager Assault Squad here where men have been turned into vampire-like creatures with leathery wings and enhanced strength. Some horrific genetic research has gone into creating these terrible creatures but you can be assured that they would spook any soldier who came up against them.

Whilst not as fully developed as the assault squad above, the Nachtalben Squad are still used by the Germans for their enhanced abilities and senses. They are bestial and wild but still capable of using weapons making them a great scouting force.

Nachtalben Squad - Warlord Games

I think these particular creatures look absolutely terrifying. I like the idea of using them in a night mission and have them stalking a US squad across the battlefield.

Finally, we come to some of my favourite miniatures from Konflikt '47, the Schrekwulfen Squad.

Schrekwulfen Squad - Warlord Games

I am a big fan of Werewolves and whilst I would prefer Werebears (yes, I know the Soviets have them) I think these look awesome. I think Warlord has done a sterling job of making these werewolves feel powerful and deadly, especially with the range of different poses, and they've managed to get the proportions right too.

Are you going to be picking up some enhanced individuals for your Konflikt '47 armies?

"Are you going to be picking up some enhanced individuals for your Konflikt '47 armies?"

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