Forever Evil DC Deck-Building Arrives December 3rd!

November 13, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Let's face it, sometimes it's more fun to play the bad guys and December 3rd, DC Comics fans will get their chance in the release of Forever Evil- the Deck Building Game from Cryptozoic Entertainment!

This deck builder is for 2-5 players and allows gamers to do their worst, representing all the deplorable forces DC fans adore! Though this game is a stand alone system, it is built to be fully compatible with previous and future Cerebus Engine: Heroes Games. This game also introduces a new element with the ability to earn Victory Points! Now being good at being bad gets you loot- but know this, your competition is always interested in your loot as well!

dc forever evil game contents

Will you be joining the DC forces of evil?

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