Exclusive First Look! Brave Sir Pidge The Moonstone Psychopomp!

September 15, 2023 by avernos

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The Multi-Award winning Moonstone is ramping up for a Kickstarter that may be the end of us all in Tauber, with the return of King Chernitt and with him a new faction for the whimsical world as Goblin King Games give us their spin on undead and the Shades of Moonreach.

Brave Sir Pidge // Shades of Moonreach

Psychopomps are strange spiritual beings that live in the Deadlands and tend to the needs of the dead, providing entertainment, aid, and solace. As the Shades are pulled from the deadlands, they bring psychopomps with them in the tide of magic. In game terms they act in a similar fashion to Boris' Murder Bunnies, being summoned into the game by a character and once there they can support in a variety of ways be it buffs and debuffs or combat support.

Brave Sir Pidge // Moonstone 

The render has captured the artwork beautifully, the egg-like armour with some type of pigeon creature inside of it protected against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (and fauns) by a sallet helm. But it's the manic grin that puts the psycho into pyschopomp and makes me both wonder what is in there and at the same time I'm content in not knowing.

Brave Sir Pidge // Goblin King Games

Although still a work in progress we can already see how Brave Sir Pidge, and pyschopomps in general, is going to act on the tabletop. The psychopomps are small and hard to hit with Arcane abilities with a lovely -1 Evade. That's going to be extremely helpful as BSP is only rocking a single health point, although that is mitigated by his full plate that is constantly taking 2 regular damage off. Get him up and into combat as quickly as possible and use the duelling sword to go for it in melees to somewhat negate the weak strikes he'll be putting in.

More of an annoyance than anything else your opponents won't be able to completely ignore him chopping at their ankles and getting your retaliation in first is a big help with Noble Challenge to give the Protection buff allowing him to block heavy hitters who are lining up to strike someone more important. By the way, Protection on a Noble how irritating is that going to be in trying to put the restless dead back to sleep?

I'm loving the look of Brave Sir Pidge and the idea of these strange ethereal creatures pulled from their own realm into the physical one to serve in whatever way is necessary. The Kickstarter is coming in October and you can either follow Goblin King Games on Kickstarter or go to the signup page on their website to be notified of the launch.

Stay tuned for more exclusive reveals later to-day.

"More of an annoyance than anything else your opponents won't be able to completely ignore him chopping at their ankles..."

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