Explore The Chamber Of Secrets With Knight Models’ New Expansion

August 15, 2019 by brennon

Knight Models are also expanding on the world of Harry Potter with their new Chronicle Expansion for The Chamber Of Secrets. After a showing at Gen Con, it is now available on their webstore to pre-order.

Chamber Of Secrets Chronicle Box - Knight Models

The set, as we've talked about before, offers up the chance to pick up the story from The Chamber Of Secrets. Building on the options available in the Core Set you'll be introduced to the scheming behind the scenes, the mysterious petrification of students, the terror of wandering into the woods and facing masses of spiders and then the final confrontation with the Basilisk and Tom Riddle deep within the bowels of Hogwarts.

Chamber Of Secrets Models - Knight Models

The set comes with a whole range of miniatures to represent the different characters and creatures you'll be facing as well as the double-sided board and the additional cards and such that are key to playing the game.

As mentioned above, you will need the Core Box in order to use the contents of this new expansion but it should give you a new take on the Potterverse to explore. I do like that they're going to, seemingly, be looking at each of the books and encounters from them in turn. I can't wait until we get to see some Dragons from Goblet Of Fire!

Will you be adding this to your collection?

"I can't wait until we get to see some Dragons from Goblet Of Fire!"

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