Explore The Boundaries Of Your Mind In Gates Of Delirium

July 26, 2019 by dracs

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Renegade Game Studios have announced a new board game coming out in Autumn of this year, bringing a new flavour of mind-bending horror to the tabletop.

In Gates of Delirium, you play as investigators trying to uncover the pages of a lost tome to prevent the coming of monstrous entities.

However,your search has left you detached from reality and some turns you find yourself giving into insanity and working to build the very Gate your sane self is attempting to stop.

The central focus of this game, where you play to both uncover the truth and bring about destruction, is a very interesting one, and leave you with the sense that for a lot of this you are playing against yourself.

This concept of playing with two separate personas is something that has me a little worried, but it does promise to be a true adaptation of cosmic horror. There is no ultimate victory for humanity here, no grabbing a shotgun and forcing back Cthulhu, simply a scrabble to claim what points you can before the end.

Do you like the sound of this game?

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