Face Down Cartoon’s Big Cat With Your Mouse Adventurers

January 16, 2018 by brennon

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As an addition to the Mouse Adventure Kickstarter from Cartoon Miniatures, they threw this evil looking Cat into the mix as an enemy for you to face. Well, here is how it has turned out and it's looking awesome.

Cat #1 - Cartoon Miniatures

The sculpt is looking awesome, giving the model a bit more of a Fantasy edge over a traditional cat that you might find prowling the streets. It has sabretooth-style teeth and utterly astounding fur. That would be brilliant to paint I reckon.

Cat #2 - Cartoon Miniatures

This cat looks like it is just right for a dungeon delving adventure too, crawling down from the ruins to face off against your diminutive wanderers. Here's how she looks when arrayed against them.

Cat Scale - Cartoon Miniatures

I'm sad that I didn't get to involve myself with this set of miniatures as it came to my attention at the tail end of the campaign and I didn't have the time to get stuck in. The models look utterly phenomenal and packed with intricate details.

The next miniature to be sculpted for the campaign is a Mole as voted for by the backers.

What do you think of this wildcat?

"It has sabretooth-style teeth and utterly astounding fur..."

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