Hunt Fantastic Beasts With Knight Models’ New Potterverse Characters

March 9, 2020 by brennon

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Knight Models, as well as catering to the world of DC and Batman, also dropped a bunch of releases for their Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game over the weekend too. So, if you want to expand things to include characters from Fantasy Beasts & Where To Find Them and The Crimes Of Grindlewald then you're in luck!

Newton Scamander & Niffler - Knight Models

Leading the way we have the sculpts for Newt Scamander & Niffler, a pesky creature that seems to follow him everywhere and get into all sorts of mischief. This is a rather nice looking miniature for the pair and a good start if you want to try and do something a little more zany from the wider Potterverse. You could have Newt running around trying to catch all sorts of beasts before someone eviler manages to do them harm.

Sticking close by to Newt, you've also got the model for Queenie Goldstein. Able to extract feelings and memories from people's minds, she will be invaluable as you look to try and solve the puzzles before you.

Queenie Goldstein - Knight Models

As with everything from the Knight Models range for this particular game, it would be great to see more people diving in and giving this a go I think. This is especially so with more of the options available from these newer films. I love that you could step beyond Harry Potter and tell some different stories which don't involve the Boy Who Lived.

Nefarious Foes

On the other side of the coin, you've also got some rather angry individuals. That's where Percival Graves comes in acting as the head of magical security. He was a powerful wizard and able to stand up to pretty much anyone!

Percival Graves - Knight Models

However, he also had a rather deadly side to him and his disregard for the safety of others does mean that he puts them in harms way more often than not with his methods. Still, a rather awesome character and if you painted him up differently then he could work as a good Aurora of your own making if you liked.

You've also got a second pack of Grindelwald's Followers to pick up which gives you three more supports of the evil wizard.

Grindelwald Followers II - Knight Models

This can be combined with the first Grindelward's Followers set in order to give you a nice mix of different characters to use on the tabletop. As I've said in previous news pieces about this range, it would also be fun to see people uses these as their roleplay characters if they wanted to retrofit an existing system!

Grindelwald Followers - Knight Models

So, there is plenty for you to get your teeth into with this new selection of releases. If you're looking for whimsy or peril you are equally serviced!

Are you going to be snapping up these new models and painting them up for your collection?

"If you're looking for whimsy or peril you are equally serviced! "

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