Fantasy Flight Games Summon Wraiths For Use In RuneWars

June 21, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been talking more about one of the new units for RuneWars and the Waiqar forces. Here we have the shadowy Wraiths, screaming their way across the battlefield.

RuneWars Wraiths - Fantasy Flight Games

The Wraiths are a new expansion which will be coming out very soon, joining the ranks of the dead and swelling your ranks of the restless dead. The models themselves are looking rather good indeed, drawing on that idea of banshees and such from folklore. I like their covered faces and the flowing burial shrouds giving them a very eerie look.

When it comes to gameplay, the Wraiths give you a few new options when it comes to running an undead force.

RuneWars Wraith Cards - Fantasy Flight Games

The real power of the Wraiths lies in their ability to not only pass through solid terrain and units but also to manoeuvre and get into position for flank charges very easily thanks to their dial. They aren't going to be the most powerful unit you use, but when charged in conjunction with other forces on the tabletop they can be devastating.

The undead very much feel like they work in tandem well with other units, a common theme amongst undead forces in many games. It's nice to see it in rank and file games as a whole though as it gives you that battlefield puzzle to solve.

What do you think of the Wraiths?

"...when charged in conjunction with other forces on the tabletop they can be devastating"

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