Fantasy Realms Mechanics Makeover In Marvel: Remix

March 16, 2022 by fcostin

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WizKids has announced their newest card game title coming to the tabletop this Summer, bringing Marvel's greatest heroes in an epic battle of combos.

Marvel Remix - WizKidas

Marvel: Remix // WizKids

In Marvel: Remix, 2-6 players will be forming a Marvel-ous team, as they are dealt a hand of different characters, items, or locations that have been plucked from the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe. So it is up to the player to pull together their decks, implementing set collection and drafting to create weapons of destruction atop of already superhero characters.

Hero Card Preview - Marvel Remix

Hero Card Preview // Marvel Remix

There are a ton of different characters confirmed for release, including Avengers Hawkeye, Captain America and The Hulk and X-Men Storm, Wolverine and Jean Grey.

Item Card Preview - Marvel Remix

Item Card Preview // Marvel Remix

As they face a series of infamous villains, they will need to be decked out with new abilities and equipment to take down the baddie earning the most points - tweaking characters with different cards to up the return of victory. A champion is crowned as the person building the best hand.

Villain Card Preview - Marvel Remix

Villain Card Preview // Marvel Remix

These villains include the likes of Taskmaster, Loki and Kingpin. Spanning across 18 villains in total, with 61 Remix cards in the box additionally. Which makes up your heroes and other items to create some crazy remixes.

If you have ever played Fantasy Realms by WizKids, the new Marvel Remix title has been based on this fun and engaging play style. It sees players always on the hunt for their next card, hoping to construct a Kingdom worthy of awe! So it will be interesting to see how building a set of heroes to create combinations will translate over.

Marvel: Remix is due to be released in July this year, bringing a new card game venture for the Marvel Heroes and villains in a fast-paced card game experience, which looks quick and easy to pick up!

What do you think of Fantasy Realms getting some treatment from Marvel? 

"A champion is crowned as the person building the best hand."

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