Fight Back Through To 1984 With New Terminator Sets

November 1, 2015 by brennon

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The new set from River Horse for Terminator is now available through their webstore allowing you to head back to 1984 and take on dangerous foes like the T1000. The New Set gets you Arnie, Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor, the T1000 and some Cops who are probably going to die...



All of the models are available in resin as you can see. I think there's a lot of detail worked into these sculpts and I think they could make a great collectors item, nevermind good characters to use on the tabletop. This kind of scenario was always going to be one people wanted to play out too.



They have also captured the likenesses of the different characters very well and you can see the actors through their miniatures which is always good to see. It's a shame that both Connor and Reese have the same stance but that's just a minor quibble.

Last but not least we have the unfortunate cops who are going to get stuck in the middle of all of this...


Each of them are armed with different weapons from a revolver, to a shotgun and finally an assault rifle for when things get desperate. All of this is available as one complete set although maybe some elements of it will become separate options at a later date.

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"This kind of scenario was always going to be one people wanted to play out..."

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