Footsore’s Milites Christi Warrior Monks Fight For Christendom

July 8, 2019 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures has added three new sets of metal miniatures for those looking to head off on the Crusades. The Milites Christi are looking to fight their way to The Holy Land in order to claim it back for Christendom. Deus Vult!

Milites Christi Warrior Monks With Cross - Footsore Miniatures

The first of the sets come with a band of monks who perhaps lead the way during battle. They have the Good Book in their collection alongside a big wooden cross which has no doubt travelled a long way as they wander across Europe and into the Middle-East.

You can also bulk up your force with the inclusion of the Warrior Monks With Spears...

Milites Christi Warrior Monks With Spears - Footsore Miniatures

...and the Warrior Monks With Hand Weapons. These angry fellows are good for those looking to play games set during the Late Dark Age and also the Middle-Ages.

Milites Christi Warrior Monks With Hand Weapons - Footsore Miniatures

You would most likely find them trying their best to defend a Norman Church, or trudging through the mud and dust in order to make their way to Jerusalem. They would add a lot of colour to a larger Crusading army. You could have all that gleaming metal and then the dirty, ragged cloth of these monks alongside them.

What do you make of these Warrior Monks?

"They would add a lot of colour to a larger Crusading army..."

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