Footsore’s Saxon Earls Marshal The Defences In 1066

November 7, 2018 by brennon

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A pair of the key figures from the moments that defined 1066 are available from Footsore Miniatures now. Both Morcar & Edwin, Saxon Earls, have been released to lead the defence of England against the invading Norsemen.

Morcar & Edwin Saxon Earls - Footsore Miniatures

Morcar & Edwin headed North to replace the disgraced Tostig and took control of Northumbria in 1065. They were also there to defend against the invasion of the Vikings in 1066 and battled at Fulford, being driven back by the raiding army of Tostig and Harold Hardrada.

Morcar & Edwin Saxon Earls (Alt) - Footsore Miniatures

In response to this shaming, they were also there alongside Harold Godwinson against the Vikings at Stamford Bridge and were part of the force that eventually killed Tostig and Hardrada. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, it seemed like they did not arrive in time to help Godwinson at Hastings which sealed the fate of the English and brought the Normans into power under William The Bastard/Conqueror (depending on your view).

Interestingly, when reading more about them on the Footsore website it seems like they may have been disgruntled at Godwinson as he kept the spoils from Stamford Bridge for himself. However, it may just have been that Morcar & Edwin's forces were so shattered after the battles they had been through that they just couldn't make it in time.

Both of them rebelled, in part, and then eventually relented to Norman rule in the end.

Free Raider

If you fancy being on the other side of the coin and playing as the Vikings then Footsore Miniatures has also made this new Viking, Erik Thorvaldson, available to those that spend a certain amount on their webstore.

Erik Thorvaldson - Footsore Miniatures

He would be a great character to throw into the mix for something like Blood Eagle or perhaps even SAGA as an adventuring Warlord.

Are you going to be snapping up these Saxon Earls?

"...were part of the force that eventually killed Tostig and Hardrada"

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