Forage Fungi & Forgo Feline Fluffery In Mushroom Cats!

May 27, 2022 by fcostin

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Whilst doing my usual stalk through Kickstarter, I stumbled upon a card game that combined two interesting topics within the world of whimsy. As self-proclaimed Whimsy Alchemist of OTT, with the help from the likes of toadstools, stone circles, and a Doug the Flatulent - I feel it is my duty to let you know when a new whimsical tabletop title claws its' way out of the ether.

Mushroom Cats Kickstarter - Paper Puffin

Mushroom Cats Kickstarter // Paper Puffin

Mushroom Cats, A Card Game of Mycological Mischief is up on Kickstarter, combining devious fantastical feline fluffery on a foraging hunt for mushrooms across the day, in a pick-and-pass mechanic card game.

Card Preview - Mushroom Cats

Card Preview // Mushroom Cats

2-5 players will be equipped with a basket to outsource some fungi across the lands. With hopes to muster a haul of valuable mushrooms before the close of the day, they will hunt for an array of spores, hoping to turn nature into magic through enchantments and transmutations against foes.  Players can steal some from their opponents, too. So do not forget to keep an eye on your opponents, as will be competing for the best haul of mushrooms, pulling in the most amount of points.

Gameplay - Mushroom Cats

Gameplay // Mushroom Cats

A magical mushroom hunt sounds delightfully whimsical, doesn't it? Bring forth the cats. A whole clowder of kitties is unsurprisingly up to no good. Focusing their curiosity on your day out foraging, causing havoc and deceitful deeds to your day. Hoping to steal some of your goods and inflict mystical mayhem for their own entertainment - for the benefit of others.

For the fundamental basics of play, be sure to check out their video over on their Kickstarter campaign page. They also have a ton of stretch goals, add-ons and different pledges to dive into - alongside the adorable artwork.

Mushroom Cats - Paper Puffin

Mushroom Cats // Paper Puffin

The game is a delightful pick-and-pass game from artist Kayla Carlson (Paper Puffin) and Ben Lindstrom the game designer. There are 52 tarot-sized cards included in the box, for ages 7+ taking roughly 15 minutes to play through a game. There are 6 days left on the clock, so if you are looking for a fun quickfire card game that's more whimsical than a badger riding a broom, be sure to check out Mushroom Cats.

Regardless if a cat helps you within the game, you must remember their loyalty serves no one other than their own personal desires. You may be preyed upon by a different cat... in the next turn. 

"2-5 players will be equipped with a basket to outsource some fungi across the lands..."

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