Forge World Send Déorwine To Defend The King Of Rohan

May 31, 2019 by dracs

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The latest denizen of Middle-earth is now available to pre-order from Forge WorldDéorwine, chief of the King's Knights and bodyguard to King Théoden of Rohan.

As you might expect of the King's own bodyguard, Déorwine is one of the greatest fighters in all of Rohan. His Defence of seven means it will be very difficult to take him down (my hobbits don't have a chance!) while his Fight of five allows him to hold his own with all but the most legendary warriors of Middle-earth. Should he be defending Théoden, he also has the opportunity to call a Heroic Combat for free, an option that could easily turn the tide of a fight.

Again, my hobbits don't have a chance.

For those times when some nasty hobbit archers do manage to land some shots, the miniature comes with a mounted and unmounted version. Both of these sculpts look fantastic. I really love the work Forge World are doing with the Middle-earth characters at the moment, often creating miniatures with more character than was even given to them in the books. The unmounted variant in particular shows a figure ready to stand his ground in defence of his king.

Is this a hero you will be pre-ordering?

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