Forge World’s Unlikely Heroes Defend Middle-earth & Helm’s Deep

November 9, 2019 by brennon

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I'm a big fan of Rohan in The Lord Of The Rings and Middle-earth so it was awesome to see Forge World release this pair today, some unlikely defenders of Helm's Deep. Meet Aldor & Haleth here, beleaguered yet valiant defenders for the forces of Good.

Aldor & Haleth #1 - Forge World

If you remember the siege of Helm's Deep you'll know these two. Haleth was the young warrior who Aragorn talked to outside of the armoury, testing his sword and steeling him for the battle to come. He is then joined by Aldor, the ageing warrior who began the battle by unleashing his lucky shot and catching a bellowing Uruk-Hai.

Aldor & Haleth #2 - Forge World

Full and up-to-date rules for them are available in Rohan At War but you can also check out their experimental rules as part of a download link HERE. Haleth gets bonuses for fighting alongside Aragorn and he gives a boost to other Rohan warriors around him as, despite his young age, he fights on valiantly.

Aldor has some fun rules too, always firing first in the Shoot Phase (before anything else) and even getting to reroll Hits and Wounds thanks to his uncanny ability to find a shot regardless of his many winters in service.

These are awesome heroes for adding a bit more colour to your games and I like the idea of using them in some smaller skirmish games, perhaps buoyed to fight on and join others of their kin to hunt down Orcs across Rohan.

What do you make of this pair?

" If you remember the siege of Helm's Deep you'll know these two..."

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