Bad Squiddo Games’ Freyja’s Wrath Kickstarter Now Live

January 23, 2018 by brennon

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Bad Squiddo Games are now live on Kickstarter with their Shieldmaiden project, Freyja's Wrath. A bunch of new character models plus loads more are available for you to pick up.

Freyja's Wrath Kickstarter

Looking at the characters first off we have a few that really caught my eye. The first of these is the Valkyrie, Skalmold.


As you can see she isn't taking any nonsense from anyone, the head of some poor unfortunate clutched in her hand. She then looks for those worthy of Valhalla to take into the mighty mead hall in the sky.

Keeping with the mythical we also have a few more models in a similar vein with the Children Of Loki & Angrboda here. Hel looks utterly disgusting (in an awesome way) whilst I just love the prowling style behind Fenrir there.

Children Of Loki & Andrboga

This might be where you start to look towards using these models in more than just your Historical games. You could use these kinds of Gods and other mythical elements for the likes of Of Gods & Mortals. Last but not least we have The Seer, another of the character models that would work well as a crossover piece.

The Seer

If you're interested to see how a mere mortal paints up these models you can check out some of my work in the Hobby & Painting Forums HERE.

Viking Warband

You can also pick up the makings of your core warband as well. There are a lot of weapon options available for you to consider including Hearthguard here with their axes in hand, although you can go for swords instead.

Hearthguard With Axes

The bulk of your contingent is also supported by the likes of these Spear Women...

Spear Women

...and some Archers which can provide you with some covering fire as your warriors make your way across the battlefield.


As mentioned above; there are plenty of options for you to work with weapon-wise including crossbows, spears, swords and more. You aren't going to be missing out on the traditional Viking look either as the Berserkers are also here in force too!


A few options you might not have considered are also part of this campaign including a collection of animals. Yes, you heard me right. You can get your mitts on some bears, beavers, wild cats and even a flock of ravens too.

Are you going to be checking out this Kickstarter campaign?

"...there are plenty of options for you to work with weapon-wise"

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