Look To The Future & Poison Foes With Necromunda’s Eschers

July 26, 2022 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showing off more of the dramatis personae that are going to be popping up in Necromunda soon. Some new Escher characters are going to be getting released soon via Forge World.

Shivver - Necromunda

Shivver // Necromunda

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Leading the way, to begin with, we have the Shivver. If you ever want to look ahead into the future and find out what awaits your gang then it might be worth introducing a Shivver into the mix. Their precognitive talents make them a fascinating option for the Escher but they give no guarantees. They can't account for rampaging Ogryns as Games Workshop has mentioned.

Shivver Details - Necromunda

Shivver Details // Necromunda

I love the mix between a more classic seer and that of a grimdark warrior. You've got some badass African queen vibes going on which will be fun to paint. I also like that she's hiding the orb beneath her veil so only she can see what the true future will bring.

The next of the miniatures we're showing off for the Eschers is the Apprentice Clan Chymist.

Apprentice Clan Chymist - Necromunda

Apprentice Clan Chymist // Necromunda

These Chymists have decided that working out the best toxin and poison concoctions is the job of field agents. So, they dive in and drape their weapons in strange mixtures and see what happens. That sounds like a good way to go, right?

Apprentice Clan Chymist Details - Necromunda

Apprentice Clan Chymist Details // Necromunda

As well as being able to help your Eschers in the midst of battle, these Chymists have been tasked with working out how to bring fallen warriors back to life. That's where Death Maidens come in and whilst a queen might end up dead in the dust, she can always come back thanks to one of these knowledgeable scientists.

Are you tempted to snap up these new Escher miniatures?

"You've got some badass African queen vibes going on which will be fun to paint..."

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