Games Workshop Celebrate 500 Stores With Two Special Miniatures

October 10, 2018 by brennon

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Games Workshop is celebrating the opening of 500 stores around the world with two fantastic miniatures which will be released on 20th October.

Garkorr Bladegheist Revenant - Games Workshop

The first of the models is Garkorr, Bladegheist Revenant. Whilst the name has a ring of the male about it the sculptor behind this particular piece envisioned the Revenant as a 'her', one of the servants of Lady Olynder in the ranks of Nagash's army.

Some nice points of the model that stood out to me was the drifting spectral aspect of her floating through the gravestone and the rather intricate mask that she wears.

The second of the models that will be available on the day from stores is this Primaris Lieutenant With Stalker Bolt Rifle.

Primaris Lieutenant With Stalker Bolt Rifle - Games Workshop

He was purposefully designed so that he would fit into all manner of different Chapters so you could customise him to fit your collection. As well as showing off the fierce and heroic side of the Adeptus Astartes the sculptor also chose this moment to show just how the new Primaris helmets work!

It's a little thing but it's great to see the way the helmet comes apart in two sections when needed so you can still keep your rebreather and comms unit going just without the visor and domed top.

If you'd like to hear more about how they created these models the two sculptors did a little interview with Games Workshop.

I think of the two I'd rather pick up the Bladegheist Revenant but let me know your thoughts in the comments below...

Which would you pick?

"Which would you pick?"

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