GCT Prepare For Gen-Can’t Sale & New Bushido Pre-Orders

July 28, 2020 by brennon

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GCT Studios has been talking about their new Bushido Gen-Can't Sale which is going to be happening over the weekend of 30th July to the 2nd August. You will be able to get your hands on some of the early releases ahead of their original September date.

Open Rebellion Themed Warband - Bushido.jpg

Open Rebellion Themed Warband // Bushido

All you have to do is use GENCAN15 when you get to the checkout and you'll get 15% off your order sub-total which is pretty neat. This will apply to all of their pre-order products plus the limited run of Yuta and Open Rebellion (Wolf Clan) sets that they will have available for the weekend.

We've looked at the Wolf Clan in some of our previous coverage of Bushido but here is a little breakdown of what you get in the set. As someone who really likes wolves and the imagery of them, this seems like a great set to get started with when painting up GCT's Fantasy Samurai.

Open Rebellion Themed Warband Miniatures - Bushido.jpg

Open Rebellion Themed Warband Miniatures // Bushido

As well as these options, GCT Studios also shared what's coming up for their September release window. These new characters are part of the Minimoto Clan and help to build on the theme of a proper Samurai force. Known as "The Finest Steel", this set of releases look to give you more daring warriors.

September Releases - Bushido.jpg

September Releases // Bushido

As you can see, this set comes with some hard-as-nails looking Samurai plus support in the form of their Ashigaru. You've also got some rather ace looking characters in the mix like Akemi, Kajiya and Rinko who is able to call on the power of the elements.

The team at GCT also shared some close-ups of these upcoming characters too. Here we have a better look at the Samurai, Niko and Reo...

Niko - Bushido.jpg

Niko // Bushido

Reo - Bushido.jpg

Reo // Bushido

I really like the bear imagery that they've got going on for these miniatures. You've got plenty of fur in the mix to help create a more interesting silhouette and help break up all the armour pads. Additionally, the bear isn't something I'd normally have associated with the Samurai but it allows you to make some characters who are a bit more brash and brutal.

Are you going to be checking out these miniatures over the weekend?

"Are you going to be checking out these miniatures over the weekend?"

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