Grab Some Unique Fantasy Fighters On Kickstarter Now

September 9, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Fighters is a Kickstarter focused on bringing you a series of interesting and unique heroes for you to use in your skirmish and roleplaying games.

Fantasy Fighters #1

The series of miniatures come from a range of different sculpting talents like Lewis Collins, Tim Prow, Bob Olley, Sergus, Bobby Jackson, Alessio Cisbani. All of them have put forward a selection of interesting warriors and rogues for you to play around with.

Fantasy Fighters #2

The miniatures will be available in metal cast by Macrocosm Miniatures who have been in the business for a while now. I particularly like the look of some of their Dark Age heroes like Thor and Beowulf, perfect to lead a warband into battle.

Fantasy Fighters #3

There is a lot more to check out over on their Kickstarter page which has just over a day left to go until it's over. They have been working hard and already smashed through their goal so you can be assured of your Kickstarter funding if you back them. Plus, this means they've got some neat extras too.

If you're interested in some unique looking heroes for your tabletop games check them out!

"There is a lot more to check out over on their Kickstarter page..."

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