Gripping Beast’s Undead Rise & Shieldmaidens Do Battle

March 30, 2019 by brennon

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Two new fully metal sets are now available from Gripping Beast for you to get stuck into when it comes to SAGA and the new Age Of Magic expansion too. We start off in the Historical however and their new Shieldmaidens.

Shieldmaidens - Gripping Beast

The Shieldmaidens Set contains enough for you to start playing games at four points. It's awesome to see an entire force of warrior women, ready to throw down on the tabletop, and with the addition of a few more models from the likes of Bad Squiddo Games, you'd suddenly have a fearsome fighting force that could go raiding along the coast of Britain.

The Undead Rise

If you're looking forward to Age Of Magic then you might want to delve into the Undead Legion Warband that Gripping Beast has put together.

Undead Legions - Gripping Beast

Here you get a mindless horde of shambling zombies, skeletal warriors drawn from the depths of a barrow and a warlord ready to lead them all into battle. This set is looking pretty cool although something about the painting here doesn't actually let you see too much of the detail work. I think I'd have to see these in the flesh to tell whether or not I liked them.

Sly Sorcerers

As well as these larger warbands the team have also chosen two Sorcerer models you could use as spellcasters in your games. The first of these, rather originally called Sorcerer A, looks more like a dread wight, summoned forth and now ready to claim vengeance.

Sorcerer A - Gripping Beast

Sorcerer B, on the other hand, looks like a mortal although I wouldn't say that he is any saner than the previous spellcaster.

Sorcerer B - Gripping Beast

Both of these would be good options for either undead hordes or barbarian tribes that are making their way to battle in Age Of Magic. I reckon you could also get away with using the second spellcaster as a wyrd of some kind in one of your Viking warbands too.

What do you make of the new offerings from Gripping Beast?

"What do you make of the new offerings from Gripping Beast?"

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