The Guild Bring Barbers, Butchers & Ostriches(?) To Carnevale

April 28, 2021 by brennon

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If you like The Guild in TTCombat's Carnevale then you're in for a good time this month! A new set of character packs are coming to support this faction starting with the deadly looking Capodecina who is ready to leap into combat with sabres at the ready.

Capodecina - Carnevale

Capodecina // Carnevale

The Capodecina make for excellent leaders. They are each agile and leather, launching lightning strikes and rushing across rooftops, guiding the action from above. With a big pool of command points to draw from, they are good for players who need to adapt on the fly.

Cutthroats & Cleavers

As well as the Capodecina, we also have a couple of sets of specialists for you to use in your gang. The Barbers take to the stage first, ready to do some throat slicing.

Barbers - Carnevale

Barbers // Carnevale

The Barbers set comes with two miniatures who make good leaders but might find themselves being more useful hunting down heavily armoured foes. They are able to bypass armour thanks to their incredibly sharp, thin blades, spilling crimson on the canal cobbles.

If you want to be a little more heavy-handed then you can also add the Butchers into the mix.

Butchers - Carnevale

Butchers // Carnevale

As opposed to the Barbers, the Butchers want to be right in the thick of the action. They enjoy being surrounded by foes so that they can go wild with their brutal cleavers. I am already thinking of the bone-cleaving and brutal takedowns that these Butchers dish out as they wade into the fighting.

Call On The Citizens!

The Guild are also able to call on the aid of the regular Citizens of Venice. They might not want to help but by hook or by crook they often find themselves embroiled in a conflict or two.

Citizens - Carnevale

Citizens // Carnevale

These Citizens might not be great when it comes to fighting as individuals but they can work well when banded together as a larger group. They might be armed with clubs and daggers but when enough of those are raining down on you, you'll feel it!

Ostrich Racing?!

Finally, we also have a very quirky set of releases for Carnevale. Have you ever wanted Ostrich cavalry? Well, check out this new Ostrich Racing set which is coming out this weekend.

Ostrich Racing - Carnevale

Ostrich Racing // Carnevale

This very strange set comes with four Pulcinella who have stolen these ostriches from a shipment that was bound for The Doctors. Saved from being turned into hideous beasts they are now running amok on the streets of Venice.

Oddly enough, this set is also a fully legal gang. It features two Ostrich Riders as Henchmen, a Very Loud Ostrich as a support choice and then an Ostrich King to lead the way. This is a very fast and very weird new gang for Carnevale and I can't wait to see people use them on the tabletop.

Carnevale truly is a very unique game!

"This is a very fast and very weird new gang for Carnevale..."

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