Horrid Housemates & Fantasy Heroes For Crooked Dice’s 7TV!

September 3, 2021 by brennon

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Crooked Dice has a few released for September that slot nicely into their weird world of 7TV. We start with a set of characters that will be well known to British hobbyists of a certain age. How do you fancy adding some Horrid Housemates into your tabletop games?

Horrid Housemates - Crooked Dice

Horrid Housemates // Crooked Dice

This set comes with the "Poet", the Punk, the Wide Boy, and the Hippy. If you're fans of The Young Ones then I think you need to snap up this set for yourself. I think they've done a stunning job on these and they would be perfect survivors seeking to keep themselves out of harm's way during a zombie apocalypse. I think the Punk might do a better job of it than the others though!

Just remember, get to counting just how many lentils you've ever eaten and never stick your head out of the train window...

Fantasy Adventures & Cosmic Horrors

As well as those Horrid Housemates from classic TV, we also have another hero from adventures past. Here is the Divine Mortal who is going to be heading out to deal with all manner of beasts and villains from Greek myth.

Divine Mortal - Crooked Dice

Divine Mortal // Crooked Dice

Quite the badass and a good option for those looking to play as a Fighter in your roleplaying games too. A neat pose too, as if she's just sliced through someone or something with her sword and is preparing to toss that disc at an unsuspecting foe.

When it comes to classic dungeon-delving enemies, we also have these Bugbears. They were previewed a while back but they are now available for you to snap up.

Bugbears - Crooked Dice

Bugbears // Crooked Dice

This set gives you four Bugbears to use in your games of 7TV Fantasy, a motley crew who were perhaps only minding their business and thinking about dinner before your adventuring party showed up! Some neat sculpts that harken back to the more classic look of these creatures in D&D and beyond.

Finishing things off for their September releases, Crooked Dice has also prepared not one but two cosmic horrors. See what you make of these Shoggoths here!

Shoggoth A - Crooked Dice

Shoggoth A // Crooked Dice

Shoggoth B - Crooked Dice

Shoggoth B // Crooked Dice

Twisted creations or spawn of the elder gods that need to be sent back into another dimension! These would be quite the surprise for your adventurers as they delved deeper and deeper into a lost mine or forgotten ruin. Some things really can have too many eyes.

Are you going to be snapping up any of these new releases from the folks at Crooked Dice?

"Some things really can have too many eyes..."

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