House Escher & Slave Ogryns Coming To Necromunda Soon

August 17, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop is primed to drop a bunch of Necromunda content for pre-order this weekend. House Escher are getting plenty of reinforcements thanks to the House Of Blades book and also a host of new miniatures.

House Escher Expansions - Necromunda

House Escher Expansions // Necromunda

The new set of releases were previewed many moons ago but they are finally going to get put up for pre-order this weekend. You'll be able to include the Death-Maidens into your gang as Champions, raised from the dead in order to claim vengeance against their aggressors. You've also got the Wyld Runners who nimbly make their way through the warrens and lofty spaces of the Underhive looking to take down their foes with wyld bows in those are cool.

You can also bring the finely tuned hunters known as Phelynx into the mix. As well as dealing with bullets, blades and explosives, you now have to face down teeth and claws too. All of this is included in the new House Of Blades book which will also be up for pre-order.

House Of Blades - Necromunda

House Of Blades // Necromunda

This will contain everything you need to expand and play with House Escher during your games of Necromunda. Think of it a little bit like a codex for your gang that gives you a few more options beyond what's presented in the regular book.

Slave Ogryns Break Their Chains

As well as House Escher, you can also pick up the Slave Ogryns gang which is looking to break the chains of their oppression and make a name for themselves in the Underhive.

Slave Ogryns - Necromunda

Slave Ogryns // Necromunda

There are six Ogryns in this set which come armed with a mix of augmetic fists, storm welders and spud-jackets. If you like big, tough warriors then this is the gang for you. You also get the options to make the Lobo-Slave and an Ogryn with just one arm, a beast who has no doubt ripped his augmentations out in a mark of defiance.

More is also going to be on the way with a Jotunn H-Grade Servitor Ogryn box. This could expand your gang as it is or give you options for including a Slave Ogryn in your gang, whatever their affiliation might be.

Gang Tactic Cards - Necromunda

Gang Tactic Cards // Necromunda

Are you tempted to pick up these new miniatures or perhaps these Tactics Cards and Gang Packs which help you when diving into your games? There is plenty to like about the direction that Necromunda is going and I could see this being a nice fit for those who have grown tired of building big armies.

What do you think about these upcoming pre-orders?

"I could see this being a nice fit for those who have grown tired of building big armies..."

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