Imperial Terrain Show Off New Sci-Fi IT4 Recon Ship

May 27, 2020 by brennon

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Imperial Terrain is a company I've not really looked at before but they are doing some great stuff in the realm of 3D Printing. Not only can you get their STL Files to work from at home but you can also buy pre-printed terrain from them too. Their latest addition to the collection was the IT4 Recon Ship.

-5ece33781ee93--5ece33781ee94IT4 Recon Ship #1 - Imperial Terrain.jpg

This ship here would be a good fit for a certain Sci-Fi world which far, far, away but it is also a shoo-in for the likes of Core Space and Rogue Stars. I like the way they've brought this to life and it would be a really nice bit of set dressing for a tabletop. You could also make it interactive and have your characters be able to hop in it and fire that cannon on the front.

IT4 Recon Ship #2 - Imperial Terrain

This particular ship is also modular allowing you to lash different engine designs and sensor arrays onto the back depending on what you're looking to re-create for the tabletop. This is where I think you could make a case for it being in other worlds like that of Infinity for example. It could easily be a passenger vehicle or fighter from that too.

You can buy the STL Files for this particular vehicle so if you fancy doing some work at home, you have that option. If you're new to 3D Printing then you might also want to check out our collection of FREE 3D Prints you can try out at home.

What do you make of this design?

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