A Flood Of Indie Releases From 4Ground

November 1, 2019 by avernos

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A while ago Big Ben from 4Ground Publishing told us about Jörg Bender and his idea to collaborate with smaller designers and bring their work to a larger audience that otherwise wouldn't potentially see it. Well since then Independent Design Team has grown and this week 4Ground have released a deluge of kits from this group and I'm going to show off a few of my favourites from that list.

BK Star Battle Bundle

From Battle Kiwi is a selection of terrain from their Star Battles: Sanctuary range. Ideal for 28 mm sci-fi or space opera they can be grabbed in a big bundle or as individual sets and expansions, a quick way of getting down a great looking table for Legion, whether you plan on playing on a sanctuary moon or not!

Apart from the bundle there are damaged wall sections and guard towers available here and hopefully this is only the beginning as Battle Kiwi has shield generators amongst other items on his store already so I'd love to seem them up here as well as the Black Seas gameplay pieces.

SLD Colonial Fort

Supreme Littleness Designs have a colonial fort as their entry on the list, it's designed to be a French Foreign Legion fort but can easily fit the bill for any desert fort across Africa, the middle east or into Asia. I can easily see this being defended in North Africa by my DAK against an LRDG raid in the middle of the night.

He also has some industrial construction site terrain that would do for modern combat, Necromunda or a lot of games in between, over on his section of the website. I love how 4Ground have added the render powder to change the feel of the wooden construction completely without adding a lot of time to getting it table ready.

WW Trench Stronghold

Wilkins Workshop is also producing kits suitable for Legion, this Blast Trench Stronghold gives an excellent modular way of filling your battlefield with defensive lines quickly. Blocking cover and funnelling your opponent into kill zones.

They're a simple design but with enough detail worked in to make them stand out on the tabletop, these are listed as (red) so I presume we shall see other accent colour variations become available for the trench line in the future. One of the things Ben had talked about was sending all of their designers colour swatches so they could pick what they want to use for their kits.

Blast Trench

Speaking of Things from the Basement Jörg has not rested on his laurels either and we have a couple of farm sets coming from his Mediterranean village range.

TFTB Farm Set

I adored this when I saw them earlier this year on Kickstarter, as that stucco building works across several hundred years and two continents making them an incredibly versatile terrain piece for gamers. 4Ground have gone in and added additional detailing on these kits as well as the pre-primed colour and render powder.

The ability of 4Ground to take designs that on their own are excellent, but then add in options that would be beyond the reach of small operations is perhaps my favourite part of the Indie Designers collaborations.

I expect to see these models a lot in the future as I believe they are going to be official Blood and Plunder buildings for Firelock Games as well. They also have Pavlov's House on their page which has to be seen to be believed, it wouldn't just sit on the table, it would become your gaming table!

missile launchers

Lasercut Architect has added some punch to his defence lines with missile launchers and twin laser cannons. These can be used as stand alone pieces or will fit into integral slots on his defence line that we looked at in a past Weekender.

The scope of these releases and variety in the styles of the designs show off exactly what can be done with these collaborations. People taking their own ideas and time to come up with beautiful bits of terrain without having to worry about the constraint of matching to an already existing set of kits gives us as gamers more choice.

Added to that having someone like 4Ground as a distributor means accessibility also increases, Battle Kiwi in New Zealand and Things from the Basement in the US make very different kits but both of which I would love to have on my table top.

Ordering blocks of wood from halfway around the world would price me and I suspect many other gamers out. Being able to get them via 4Grounds distributors opens up a wealth of possibilities for our battlefields.

Which of the Indie Designers has caught your eye?

"The scope of these releases and variety in the styles of the designs show off exactly what can be done with these collaborations."

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