Kabuki Celebrate Events With a Sexy Dwarf and Green Goblin

January 23, 2015 by dracs

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Kabuki Models will be heading to a few events this year and will be bringing with them an event exclusive miniature, a 25mm female dwarf.

Event Edition Sexy Dwarf

This concept sketch shows a very attractive dwarf bar maid, who nonetheless probably suffers from a bit of back pain. The detail of her dress promises us a highly detailed model that would serve well as both a collector's piece and maybe even as a character in DnD.

Here are the dates Kabuki have said she will be making her appearances:

  • Adepticon - 19-22/03/2015 Schaumburg, IL (USA)
  • Play - 11-12/04/2015 Modena (Italy)
  • Lucca Comics & Games - 29-30-31/10 and 01/11 2015 Lucca (Italy)

As well as this dwarf, Kabuki have a limited re-release of one of their first event miniatures, the Goblin Berzerker.

Goblin Berzerker

This goblin was a special model for Lucca Comics and Games 2012, but is now available on Kabuki's webstore for a limited run. He's a vicious looking little chap, despite the bells on his shoes, and could make the perfect champion for a unit of forest gobbos.

Are you going to any of these events? Think you'll pick up that lady dwarf? Do you like the look of Kabuki's Goblin Berzerker?

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