Kabuki’s Queen of Hearts Shows Her Face (And More)

April 17, 2015 by dracs

Kabuki's Queen of Hearts is nearing completion and has just made her first appearance as a full render.

Queen of Hearts

All in all I am liking the attitude of this sculpt. I particularly like her massive, beautiful axe, although it looks a bit out of proportion with the rest of the model. However, someone should tell her she has come undone at the back. Those are some impressively skin tight trousers.

Kabuki have said that they just have a few minor tweaks to make with the pose, lowering the hip slightly, then they will be sending her off to be printed, meaning that heads will be rolling pretty soon.

What do you think of Kabuki's take on Lewis Carroll's villainous queen?

"I particularly like her massive, beautiful axe."

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