Knight Models Talk Batman 3rd Edition & Its Mix N’ Match Bases

November 25, 2019 by brennon

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In answer to some questions that the community was asking about the model and some of those BIG bases that we're seeing from Knight Models for the Batman Miniatures Game, they have been showing off some of the instructions you get for the new game.

Joker Instructions - Knight Models

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Here you can see the way that you assemble the miniature for The Joker for example including the massive 60mm scenic base and also the smaller base which makes him a lot easier to use in gameplay. This is something we were dying to see as it gives you lots of options for both hobbyists and gamers.

Gordon Instructions - Knight Models

The same goes for the Gordon model which comes either with the big Bat Signal or the wall he can lean on in 'gameplay mode'. I like that you could then use the larger scenic pieces here as gameplay pieces which help create the iconic landscape of Gotham.

"To make the hobby experience as straightforward as possible for hobbyists old and new, every Back to Gotham box comes with a set of assembly instructions – but the eagle-eyed amongst you will spot some new innovations even here.

With the 3rd edition of the Batman Miniature Game, we’ve tried to make your models as customisable as possible, providing more options than ever before! Now, you can assemble your models with alternative heads, weapons and equipment, or make them more imposing with a larger base, with or without scenic elements – the choice is yours!

Everyone’s favourite clown can replace his oversized gun with his trusty hat, or swap the microphone for a poisoned fish. By mounting the Joker on the 60mm scenic base, you can increase the radius of his Inspire special rule and cover more ground quickly. But by placing him on his 40mm base instead, you can make him more manoeuvrable in the city streets. The choice is yours!"

So, there are some gameplay elements which have been added into the mix too which is interesting. I like the idea that we're also seeing lots of options for the Goons and such too in the assembly instructions.

Gotham PD & Goons Instructions - Knight Models

How would you go about basing your characters in the Batman Miniatures Game and its 3rd Edition?

Drop your thoughts below...

"How would you go about basing your characters in the Batman Miniatures Game and its 3rd Edition?"

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