Knight Models Look Ahead To New February Releases

February 4, 2020 by brennon

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Knight Models is preparing for a new release of models for the worlds of Batman, DC and more this week. Leading the way we have the Demon's Heir set which a window into the world of the League Of Assassins.

The League Of Assassins Demons Heir - Knight Models

The set contains a lot of new options which are befitting of the new edition for the Batman Miniatures Game. You get a new set of objectives, a plot deck and plenty more for characters and their equipment too. For those who picked up this set recently for the previous edition, they will also provide the different decks of cards and such separately which is nice.

Lady Shiva

As well as the new BatBox you are also going to be able to pick up the new Lady Shiva miniature.

Lady Shiva - Knight Models

Lady Shiva is one of the deadliest killers in the DC universe. She is a martial artist and exceptional fighter who is able to kill a man with her bare hands. The pose here as you can see puts her in the stance of a killer, lunging forward to bring her foe low, for good or ill.

Lady Shiva Stats - Knight Models

The new card style and the design is looking rather cool indeed. There are plenty of nice options coming to life from the team at Knight Models for DC and it should hopefully mean that the new edition sits nicely with the community.

Are you going to snap up these new options from Knight Models?

"There are plenty of nice options coming to life from the team at Knight Models for DC..."

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