Kromlech’s Apothecary and Engineer Speed Out On Breacher Bikes

December 6, 2017 by dracs

Kromlech have released two new bundles, sending out their Legionary Apothecary and Engineer on hefty breacher bikes.

Engineer on Bike

Engineer on Bike Back

Both the Engineer and the Apothecary play vital battlefield roles. With these bikes, they are made more mobile and able to quickly arrive wherever they are needed the most.

Apothecary on Bike

Apothecary on Bike Back

The protection offered by the heavily armoured breacher bikes might be even more useful than their added mobility. These vehicles match their name, in that they look as though they could smash through anything. Just as well, as I doubt they'd be able to turn quickly to avoid it.

Would you use these character models for your army? Do you think bikes give a good tactical advantage, or would you prefer to spend your points elsewhere?

"These vehicles... look as though they could smash through anything."

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