The Kukulkani & Dragyri Bolstered With Dark Age Releases

September 14, 2016 by brennon

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The minds behind Dark Age have released some new miniatures this month for both the Kukulkani and the Dragyri. This amazingly well detailed Sci-Fi world expands all the more with some fantastic sculpts.


Leading the way is Ixchel who considers herself the rightful leader of the Samarian Crusade. After being sealed away in a ziggurat for a long period of time her followers have dug their way free and are now ready to continue their important quest.

Adding to the Kukulkani forces we also have the Coatlanak.


The focus in battle with these creatures appears to be on combining their attacks with other members of the Kukulkani for devastating effect. I love the design of them with their armour plating and strange barbs sticking from their backs. They're certainly going to be fun to paint.

Dragyri Slaves

Finishing things off we step away from the more colour Kukulkani and instead unleash the Shard Slaves of the Dragyri upon the tabletop.

Shard Slaves

These agile creatures run around the battlefield coating the floor with deadly crystal shards or throwing them in the faces of their enemies. I love the designs here which are full of motion and give you a real sense of their background as mistreated creatures.

What do you think of this month's offerings?

"Leading the way is Ixchel who considers herself the rightful leader of the Samarian Crusade..."

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