Learn The Lore Behind RelicBlade’s Stonekin From Metal King Studio

September 25, 2017 by brennon

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It's time to delve into some lore ahead of the Kickstarter for Metal King Studio's RelicBlade hitting in October. Oh, and seeing a final painted miniature too!

Stonekin Battleborn #1

Shown here battling against the undead the Stonekin is one hell of an awesome looking model. I'm still not a fan of the buckler on his off-hand but I think overall the model is superb and would be great for dropping into some role-playing games, and of course RelicBlade itself.

Would make for a fantastic cartoon-inspired Goliath perhaps?

Stonekin Battleborn #2

You can see him here again at the render stage and now it's time to delve a bit more into that fluff we talked about.

"The stonekin were elves once. In the tumultuous years when civilization collapsed a sect of mystical artisans took extreme measures to survive. In desperation, they placed irreversible enchantments on their families forever changing their bodies to lifeless stone.

With a faint hope, the artisans went to work. Employing unknowably ancient secrets once used to create marvels beyond reckoning, the artisans worked into the fading twilight of all civilization to finish their final masterpiece. The world burned, but the work was complete.

The stonekin were born. The artisans had saved their beloved people. A new race, half-elf half-stone, arose. They were completely alive; not living statues, or enchanted stone, like the golems of antiquity. The stonekin were reforged in the fires of a dying world, and emerged a race fit to survive in the coming dark age."

Are you interested in playing with the Stonekin on the tabletop?

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"Would make for a fantastic cartoon-inspired Goliath perhaps?"

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