Limited Moonstone “Angry Jackalope” Alt Sculpt Released!

April 13, 2022 by fcostin

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Enjoy an alternative miniature on your table? Goblin King Games have announced a special sculpt this Easter, with a Limited Edition Jackalope, getting ready to pounce into Moonstone.

Angry Jackalope Alternative Sculpt - Moonstone

Angry Jackalope Alt Model // Moonstone

This Angry Jackalope is taking a change from his normal docile, pensive look with an adorably aggressive change of pose. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that weight and antlers!

The sculpt is a limited edition release, so if you are pondering it - be sure to not wait around for too long. As this is a special release for Easter, it is certainly a rare sight to see a raged-up Jackalope in the wild.

Jackalope - Moonstone

Jackalope Original Sculpt // Moonstone

If your Jackalope needs an unhinged friend, be sure to check out the recent unboxing from Gerry. As he takes a closer look Boris the Bunny Summoner - fresh out of the box - with his lunatic murder bunnies in tow.

Unboxing: Boris The Bunny Summoner // Moonstone

I am a sucker for alt sculpts, and considering the time of year being eggs, bunnies and Easter - the Jackalope certainly seems fitting as an Easter Exclusive.

What do you think of the Angry Jackalope Alt Model?

"Taking a change from his normal docile, pensive look..."

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