Lucid Eye Announce A New Death Dealer & More

July 13, 2020 by brennon

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Four new miniatures are now available for you to pick up from Lucid Eye for their Fantasy, Weird and iconic ranges. We lead the way with the new Death Dealer miniature which is based on another piece of iconic Frank Frazetta art.

Death Dealer III - Lucid Eye.png

Death Dealer IV - Lucid Eye

This new official miniature for the range was again sculpted by Steve Saleh and shows the brutal warrior smashing aside his enemies and sending one of them crashing off of a wall to their doom. You could imagine Death Dealer simply taking on entire armies by himself I reckon! I think this miniature would be great as part of a big diorama where you tried to include the rest of the image and the burning walls of a city as he conquers it.

The Red Book Of The Elf King

For their expanding range of options for The Red Book Of The Elf King, we have a release for the Mortals who are looking to fight back against the Elves and their dominance of the world. Here we have Gremingel, Earl of The Vorlings With Gagnir's Horn, ready to do battle.

Gremingel - Lucid Eye.png

Gremingel // Lucid Eye

The range from Lucid Eye is fantastic for The Red Book Of The Elf King and packed with the kind of Elves and Humans that I like for my Fantasy worlds, namely Norse-inspired ones. This fellow here looks like he'd be a great leader for your force, perhaps with means and ways of keeping the Elves at bay. He is posed very cinematically and looks exceedingly heroic!

Blades & Souls

Keeping with the Fantasy theme, another miniature has been added to the Blades & Souls collection which is designed to match all manner of Fantasy worlds. This here is their new Dwarf Fighter, a good option for those looking to pick out a miniature for their next campaign.

Dwarf Fighter - Lucid Eye.png

Dwarf Fighter // Lucid Eye

This fellow looks dour and ready for battle, exactly what you want from a Dwarf on an adventure. He makes me think of a Dwarf as they start out at a lower level in your campaigns and you could then easily update and change the miniature you use later on as you acquire more magical items and the like. He would make a very good retro dungeon delver to throw into your games.

Toon Terrors

Finally, the fourth of the releases for this month is a set of the U-Gons for the Toon Terrors range. This is a set of quirky and cartoony Lovecraftian miniatures for your tabletop games.

Ugons - Lucid Eye.png

U-Gons // Lucid Eye

Much like with the rest of their "Toon" collection, these fellows here are good for those who want to play around in Lovecraftian worlds and have a bit of comic fun with it. Whilst some of the other miniatures in their collection have been very focused towards this more cartoony aesthetic, I think these U-Gons would also work in something more serious too.

Make sure to check out the full Lucid Eye range and tell us what you think!

"Make sure to check out the full Lucid Eye range and tell us what you think!"

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