Lucid Eye Tease New Toon Realms Heroes & A Very Cute Dragon

October 5, 2018 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has been sharing more of their fantastic Toon Realms range which is going to be coming soon. We start with a new character who popped up in their previews.

Toon Realms Pott Ready The Halfpint - Lucid Eye

Here we have Pott Ready The Halfpint who is an exceptionally awesome looking Gnome/Halfling fellow. I absolutely love the ears and the facial expressions made all the more fun by the pipe clutched in his hands.

We've talked about characterful miniatures a lot and I think going for this more cartoony and over-exaggerated look really helps a miniature look enticing. That and I met he'd be a joy to paint just like his kinsmen, Pott's Halfpint Hoemen.

Toon Realms Pott's Halfpint Hoemen - Lucid Eye

Each of the characters from the world of Toon Realms looks to have their own entourage and here we can see that Pott Ready has managed to garner the support of the local farmers to keep invaders away from his realm.

Skeletal Champions & Jealous Dragons

Arrayed against these particular warriors of good we also have some enemies starting with this Skeleton Champion.

Toon Realms Skeleton Champion - Lucid Eye

There wasn't a particular name for this fellow when the previews arrived but he looks like a hero that might have been turned and now leads Lord Rascal's forces against his enemies. You could also make the case for him being a good guy though!

Last but not least we have a Dragon for the Toon Realms. This particular piece was sculpted by Trish Carden (yes, that Trish Carden of Forge World fame).

Toon Realms Dragon - Lucid Eye

Even at this early stage, the Dragon is looking superb. I love the facial features they've gone for here which look menacing but also insanely cute at the same time.

It will be interesting to see if they work on wings for this particular dragon.

What do you think of the new Toon Realms previews?

"I love the facial features they've gone for here which look menacing but also insanely cute at the same time..."

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