Orcnar Dmoder & Scribbling Scribes For Relics!

September 22, 2014 by brennon

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Tor Gaming have some more rather cool looking miniatures for their world of Relics. Both the Orcnar and Mercenary forces are getting something funky starting with the rather strange and bumpy Dmoder!

Dmoder (Front)

Dmoder (Rear)

Dmoder (Alt)

Dmoder (Alt Rear)

As you can see they aren't exactly great looking ladies but they certainly are powerful members of Orcnar society. They stand at 40mm tall and will be spawning plenty of little creatures onto the battlefield out of those pods that grow from their backs. You can even see one of them pulling its way out of the pod on the top Dmoder.

What I like with these miniatures is that you get the chance to try something different painting wise. I've never attempted doing slime and ichor on a miniature but this would have buckets of the stuff all over its back for example. Helps that the sculpt is rather cool too!

The Chronicler (Front)

The Chronicler (Rear)

My favourite however from the current batch is The Chronicler for the Mercenaries. I love the character, the look of his robes, and the little added mini-chronicler who hangs around with him. In game he documents not only what's going on in the world but he can have a dramatic effect on things for your side.

Some amazing painting as well from O.R.C Studios!

What do you think?

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