Summon Magical Power With Conquest’s Chapter Mage

November 23, 2018 by brennon

The Hundred Kingdoms don't just have the might of their armies to draw on but also arcane resources too. Para Bellum Wargames wanted to show off the miniature and paint job for one of the Chapter Mages from this faction.

Chapter Mage - Para Bellum

These powerful mages aren't there to turn the tide of battle with epic spells but instead the right application of magic at just the precise time. They are fine-tuned and incredibly learned individuals who have mastered the arcane arts to produce subtle changes in the world.

I do like the idea for these mages and the outfit itself reminds me very much of the kind of mages you'd see in the Witcher universe. I'm not entirely sold on what they've done with the sculpting of her chest here as it doesn't look very natural but I do appreciate the freehand work on the back of the cloak!

Chapter Mage (Rear) - Para Bellum

We won't have very long to wait until this game is hitting tabletops with early 2019 being the release of the game across the battlefields and tabletops of the world.

Will you be picking up a few of these Chapter Mages?

"I do appreciate the freehand work on the back of the cloak!"

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