Two Man Teams Join Kabuki’s Legio Praetoriana

March 1, 2015 by dracs

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Kabuki have made the exciting announcement that there will soon be some new two man teams available for their Sci-Fi army Legio Praetoriana. Collectors can now pick up teams of Centurions, armed with new swords and power fists...

Bitz #1

Standard Bearers, with two new standards...

Bitz #2

A Special Weapons team with two new rifles...

Bitz #3

The great thing about these new two man sets is that not only do they help add to your Legio Praetoriana force, but they each come with new additions to the range's selection of miniature accessories. This means more variants will soon be available for you to make your models stand out even more.

What do you want Kabuki to come out with for the Legio Praetoriana?

"...they each come with new additions to the range’s selection of miniature accessories"

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